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5 Best Wet and Dry Robot Vacuum Cleaner in India (March, 2024)

In the dynamic world of home tech, Wet and Dry Robot Vacuum Cleaners are stealing the spotlight in India. Imagine a sleek robot effortlessly cleaning your floors, seamlessly transitioning between wet and dry modes. 

As we explore the top contenders, witness a new era of cleaning convenience where innovation meets household chores head-on. Say goodbye to tedious routines and welcome the future of spotless homes with these intelligent cleaning companions.

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Benefits of Wet and Dry Robot Vacuum Cleaners 

  1. Effortless Cleaning: Wet and Dry Robot Vacuum Cleaners take the hassle out of cleaning by autonomously navigating through your home. With advanced sensors and mapping technology, they effortlessly cover every nook and cranny without requiring your constant attention.

  2. Versatility at its Best: These robotic wonders seamlessly switch between wet and dry cleaning modes, offering versatility to tackle various types of messes. From spills and stains to regular dirt and dust, these robots have you covered on multiple cleaning fronts.

  3. Time-Saving: Bid farewell to dedicating precious time to vacuuming and mopping. Wet and Dry Robot Vacuum Cleaners efficiently multitask, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your life while they handle the cleaning duties autonomously.

  4. Smart Navigation: Equipped with intelligent navigation systems, these robots can map your home, creating efficient cleaning routes. This not only ensures comprehensive cleaning coverage but also minimizes the chances of missing spots.

  5. Customizable Cleaning Schedules: Most Wet and Dry Robot Vacuum Cleaners come with scheduling features, allowing you to set cleaning times that suit your lifestyle. Wake up to a freshly cleaned home or return to one after a long day at work – all without lifting a finger.

  6. Hands-Free Operation: Forget about pushing a vacuum or dragging a mop around. These robots are designed for hands-free operation, providing a convenient and user-friendly cleaning experience. Just set it and let it do the work for you.

  7. Allergy-Friendly: Many models come equipped with high-efficiency filters, making them ideal for homes with allergy sufferers. These filters trap dust, pet dander, and other allergens, ensuring cleaner air quality in your living spaces.

5 Best Wet and Dry Robot Vacuum Cleaner

1. ILIFE A10s Dry & Wet Lidar Robot Vacuum

The ILIFE A10s Dry & Wet Lidar Robot Vacuum stands out as a sophisticated cleaning companion with an array of advanced features. With Smart Laser Navigation and Mapping technology, it effortlessly maneuvers through your home, creating a custom map on the ILIFEHOME App.

This allows for precise control over cleaning areas, designating specific zones to clean or avoid. The 2-in-1 Floating Roller Brush ensures optimal contact with the floor, adjusting to uneven surfaces for efficient dust and debris pickup. 

The robot’s Dry & Wet Mopping capability, coupled with a Vibrating/Pulsating Water Tank, mimics the human scrubbing method, providing thorough cleaning. Moreover, the ILIFE A10s is equipped with powerful 2000Pa suction, making it suitable for various floor types, from hard surfaces to low-medium pile carpets. 

In the realm of robotic vacuum cleaners in India, the ILIFE A10s emerges as a standout option, particularly for those looking for top-notch features under the budget of 30,000. 

Its Smart Laser Navigation, versatile cleaning modes, and strong suction power make it a compelling choice for households seeking efficient and customizable cleaning solutions.

2. AGARO Alpha Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The AGARO Alpha Robot Vacuum Cleaner stands out as a versatile and efficient cleaning solution, earning its place as one of the best wet and dry robot vacuum cleaners in India.

This 2-in-1 automatic cleaning marvel seamlessly transitions between dry vacuuming and wet mopping, allowing users to customize their cleaning routine based on specific needs. 

With its advanced SLAM lidar technology, the robot ensures quick room mapping, utilizing multiple sensors to prevent collisions and falls, providing a comprehensive and safe cleaning experience.

Users can choose from a range of cleaning options, including Quick Cleaning, Y-Shaped Cleaning, and Edges, all of which can be scheduled using the preset timer function. 

With a water tank capacity of 250 ml for mopping and the ability to collect up to 240 ml of dirt, this robot vacuum excels in cleaning both hard floors and carpets. 

The inclusion of Smart App Control and Voice Control (Alexa & Google Assistant) further enhances user convenience, making the AGARO Alpha a standout choice for those seeking a smart and effective cleaning companion.

3. Lydsto S1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Lydsto S1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner emerges as an advanced cleaning solution that seamlessly integrates wet and dry functionalities, making it a standout option for homes with hard floors and wood surfaces. 

Boasting a remarkable 3000Pa suction power, this robotic vacuum ensures an ultra-cleaning experience with three levels of mop wetness and four suction power settings. What sets the Lydsto S1 apart is its impressive 40-day no-need-cleaning feature, facilitated by a 3L dust bag and an automatic dust emptying station, sparing users from frequent dust box emptying. 

The convenience extends further with a prolonged 200-minute runtime, courtesy of a powerful 5200mAh battery, allowing the robot to cover large areas in a single cleaning cycle.

Equipped with LDS2.0 Radar Navigation, the Lydsto S1 scans and maps your home in real-time, enabling precise room selection for cleaning. It strategically plans its cleaning path for optimal efficiency, seamlessly transitioning across various floor types, including wood, ceramic, and carpets. 

The robot’s smart water tank and adjustable mop humidity levels add another layer of intelligence, allowing users to customize the cleaning process based on the floor’s dirt level. 

Backed by a 12-month warranty, the Lydsto S1 prioritizes quality with coverage for manufacturing defects, offering a comprehensive and innovative solution to elevate the cleaning experience in homes.

4. MecTURING Laseron S9 Pro Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The MecTURING Laseron S9 Pro Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, boasting LiDAR 2.0 Navigation, stands as an intelligent cleaning companion designed for efficiency in homes of all sizes. With an impressive 3200 Pa suction power, this robotic marvel ensures a thorough cleaning experience, capturing even the smallest particles and stubborn dust.

Its extended battery life, powered by a 3200mAh battery, allows for comprehensive cleaning with the ability to cover large areas in one session, seamlessly transitioning between vacuuming, mopping, and overall cleaning tasks.

Equipped with Object Detection technology, including 5 sets of Anti-collision sensors, 3 sets of Anti-falling sensors, and 1 set of anti-tangling sensor, the MecTURING Robotic Vacuum Cleaner offers a safe and intelligent cleaning experience. 

The LiDAR 2.0 technology allows users to control and map the robot through a mobile app, providing customizable features such as selected areas, virtual walls, and scheduled cleaning. 

With support for voice control through Amazon Alexa and Google Home, the MecTURING Robotic Vacuum Cleaner offers a convenient hands-free cleaning experience. 

Backed by a 10-year suction motor warranty and a 15-month product warranty, MecTURING demonstrates its commitment to quality, making the Laseron S9 Pro a reliable choice in the realm of Indian robotic vacuum cleaners.

5. Eureka Forbes Robo Vac N Mop NUO

The Eureka Forbes Robo Vac N Mop NUO Wet & Dry Robotic Vacuum is a versatile cleaning solution equipped with dual functions for both wet and dry cleaning. Its powerful 3200mAh battery ensures an extended cleaning duration, while the best-in-class 2700 Pa suction power guarantees effective removal of dirt and debris for a thoroughly automated cleaning experience.

The auto-docking feature adds to its convenience, allowing the vacuum cleaner to return to its docking station effortlessly, ensuring it’s always ready for the next cleaning session. 

With Gyroscope Navigation, this robotic vacuum cleaner efficiently maneuvers through spaces, enhancing its navigational capabilities for an optimal cleaning performance.

For those seeking an efficient cleaning solution without breaking the bank, the Eureka Forbes Robo Vac N Mop NUO emerges as one of the best robot vacuum cleaners under 20,000 in India

Combining affordability with advanced features, this robotic vacuum offers app-based control, multisurface cleaning capabilities, and a reliable Gyroscope navigation system. 

With a 1-year warranty covering manufacturing defects, Eureka Forbes ensures that users can experience the benefits of a high-quality robotic vacuum without compromising their budget. 

This makes the Robo Vac N Mop NUO a compelling choice for households looking to embrace the convenience of robotic cleaning without exceeding a reasonable price point.

FAQs: Wet and Dry Robot Vacuum Cleaners

1. What is the effectiveness of wet and dry vacuums? 
Wet and dry vacuums are highly effective for versatile cleaning needs. They excel at both dry vacuuming to pick up dust and debris and wet mopping for spills or sticky messes. The combination of these functions makes them a comprehensive and efficient cleaning solution for various floor types.

2. How do wet and dry robot vacuums work?
Wet and dry robot vacuums work by integrating both vacuuming and mopping capabilities into a single device. They typically have separate compartments for dry debris and liquid, allowing for efficient cleaning without the need for manual intervention. These robots use advanced sensors and navigation technologies to move autonomously, covering the designated cleaning areas effectively.

3. Are wet and dry vacuums any good?
Yes, wet and dry vacuums are highly effective and convenient. They offer the flexibility to handle different types of messes, from dry dirt to liquid spills. The combination of wet and dry functionalities makes them versatile, allowing users to maintain cleaner and more hygienic living spaces.

4. What is the best 2-in-1 robot vacuum?
For an outstanding 2-in-1 robot vacuum, the ILIFE A10s Dry & Wet Lidar Robot Vacuum is highly recommended. With its advanced features such as Smart Laser Navigation, 2-in-1 roller brush, and customizable cleaning modes, it stands out as a top choice for those seeking a reliable and efficient cleaning companion.

5. Is a robot vacuum and mop worth it?
Absolutely, a robot vacuum and mop combo is worth the investment for its time-saving convenience. These devices can autonomously clean and mop, freeing up your time for other activities. They are particularly beneficial for busy households or individuals who prioritize a hands-free approach to cleaning.

6. Which wet and dry robot vacuum is best?
The ILIFE A10s Dry & Wet Lidar Robot Vacuum is considered the best in its category. With features like Smart Laser Navigation, 2-in-1 roller brush, and customizable cleaning options, it offers a comprehensive and intelligent cleaning experience, making it a top choice among wet and dry robot vacuums.


In conclusion, the realm of home cleaning has witnessed a transformative shift with the introduction of the best Wet and Dry Robot Vacuum Cleaners in India. These intelligent companions have not only redefined convenience but have also elevated the standards of cleanliness in our homes. 

With features like smart laser navigation, versatile cleaning modes, and powerful suction capabilities, these robots offer a comprehensive solution for households seeking efficiency and ease in their cleaning routines.

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