EVERYBOT ‘Edge’, Powerful Autonomous Smart Robot Mop

  • Smart Robot Mop designed for all types of hard floor care and cleaning
  • Dual 5,700RPM Motors controlled by a remote control
  • Utilizes ‘Dynamic Dual-Spinning technology’ with 2 round shape mop pads
  • Performs both driving and cleaning simultaneously without wheels
  • Cleans floors with 3.6 lb pressure, using rapidly spinning mop pads
  • Projected 2 mop pads for detailed cleaning of edges and corners
  • Operates silently with only 46.6dB noise level
  • Convenient cleaning with automatic water supply mop kit for continuous wet mopping
  • Auto-cleaning mode initiated with a single touch button on the main body
  • 7 different cleaning modes accessible via remote control
  • Equipped with Anti-collision and Fall prevention sensors for smart and safe cleaning
  • Illumination sensor ensures the robot finishes cleaning in a well-lit area
  • Long-lasting cleaning with 1 hour and 40 minutes of operation time on a single charge
  • Superior cleaning speed of 1 sqm per minute, providing a coverage of about 1,100 sq.ft for a single charging operation
  • Manufactured by EVERYBOT INC., a renowned home service robot company in Korea
  • REDDOT winner prize recipient in Germany, recognized as one of the world’s top 3 design awards.
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EVERYBOT Edge is the world 1st Dual-Spinning technology floor mopping robot cleaner. It performs both driving and cleaning at the same time using 2 round shape mop pads. Besides, it cleans floor by 1.60kg pressure with its own weight because it does not have wheels.

So, it has much superior cleaning ability than the other robot cleaners using wheels. And cleaning mops keep wet during its operating time because water containing mop kits automatically supply water to each mops. Also users can safely use this product because it is equipped several anti-collision and fall prevention sensors. ‘Edge’ is one-touch button operation unit that can be easily operated by any type of users and easy to move anywhere due to the handle on the top part.

Users can select various type of cleaning modes according to their circumstance and purpose by remote control and it always finishes cleaning in a brighter spot where user can easily find out the machine because of illumination sensor. If you consider the cleaning ability as the top priority when you select a robot mop, you will not regret to choose EVERYBOT EDGE.


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