ILIFE T10s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

  • Powerful Suction:
    • Effective in removing dust, debris, and hairs.
  • Customized Schedule Cleaning:
    • Allows users to set specific cleaning schedules.
  • Ideal for Hard Floor and Low Pile Carpet:
    • Suitable for various flooring types.
  • Vacuum and Mop:
    • Performs both vacuuming and mopping functions.
  • Surface Recommendations:
    • Hard Floor, Tiles, Granite Flooring, Mosaic Flooring, Wooden Flooring, Vitrified Tiles, Balcony Tiles, Cemented Flooring.
  • Control Methods:
    • SmartPhone App, Alexa, Google Home.
  • Cleaning Modes:
    • Path Pattern, Edge Mode, Spot Mode.
  • Special Features:
    • Auto Carpet Boost, Roller Brush, Anti Collision, Anti Dropping, Bumper Sensors, Side Brushes, Dust Tank, Mop Tank.
  • Best Suitable for Indian Homes:
    • Efficient in clearing dust, debris, hairs, and small particles.
  • Independence from Third Person:
    • Frees users from dependency on others for house cleaning.
  • Effective Dust Removal:
    • Picks up 99.99% of dust particles, leaving no residue.
  • Traditional Brooming Comparison:
    • Highlights the drawbacks of traditional brooming.
  • Prevention of Dust Settling:
    • Ensures dust is directly picked up from the ground.
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Smart Mapping & Up to 60 Days of Hands-free Clean

Up to 5 Multi-level Mapping

Quickly create maps for up to 5 levels in your home and set your cleaning preferences for every level and room including schedule, suction power, and more via the app.

Up to 60 Days of Hands-free Clean

20 sec to get the robot dustbin empty with its self-empty station featuring up to 20000Pa dust-collection technology. Free your hands for up to 60 days.


ILIFE T10s robotic vacuum cleaner



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