ILIFE V3x Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

  • < Real 2-in-1 Vacuum and Mopping >: As an upgraded model from V3s Pro, ILIFE V3x robot allows vacuum and mop at the same time. With its dual-function 300ml dustbin and 250ml water tank, no need to replace dust box with water tank, vacuuming and mopping floors in one go directly, save your time and maximizing cleaning efficiency.
  • < Deep Cleaning on Carpet >: V3x can automatically boost suction up to 3000Pa through intelligently identify carpet once increased friction between main brush with floor is detected, ideal to remove stick-in dirt and debris. Suitable for hardfloors like wood, tile, laminate and carpets.
  • < Multiple Cleaning Modes >: Auto mode with advanced Gyro navigation to clean in back and forth route avoid repeat working, edge mode to clean along walls and corners, spot mode to clean areas with relatively concentrated garbage in a spiral direction outward. The vacuum mop robot offers multiple cleaning modes to suit various cleaning needs.
  • < Convenient App Control >: Take full control of your ILIFE V3x with ILIFEHOME App to schedule cleaning tasks, adjust cleaning suction, water output volume for mopping, track real-time cleaning path, fault detection, maintenance reminder. Compatible with Alexa and Google Home for intelligent control, and supports 2.4GHz WiFi only.
  • < Long Runtime and Recharging >: Powered by a large battery capacity, the ILIFE V3x robot vacuum and mop can clean for a longer time, continuous cleaning without interruption. Uses strong suction for carpet cleaning. When the battery is low or the cleaning is complete, V3x will automatically return to the charging dock. Always be ready for the next cleaning.
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ILIFE V3x robot vacuum cleaner

ILIFE V3x robot vacuum cleaner

Auto Carpet Boost

The ILIFE V3x vacuum automatically detects when it is on a carpeted surface and increases its suction power to effectively clean deep into the carpet fibers. This feature ensures that even the most stubborn dirt and debris are thoroughly removed, leaving carpets looking bright and clean.

ILIFE V3x robot vacuum cleaner

Super Strong Suction

The high-speed brushless motor ensures thorough cleaning on various surfaces. Automatically boosts suction power to clean large particles and debris, leaving no place for dust to hide, providing a truly efficient and hassle-free cleaning experience.


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