Irobot Roomba i3+(3552) Connected Mapping Robot Vacuum

  • iRobot boasts over 3 years of robotics expertise and innovation, having sold over 3 million home robots globally
  • Offers a choice between Roomba and Braava for specialized floor care
  • Smart navigation uses floor-tracking sensors for purposeful and logical cleaning in neat rows
  • The i3/i3+ robot vacuum, when recharging, resumes cleaning from where it left off for a complete clean
  • The vacuum self-empties its bin into an AllergenLock bag, which can hold up to 6 days of debris, providing months of vacuuming without thinking about it
  • Features Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes and 1X Power-Lifting Suction for comprehensive cleaning, tackling small dust, large debris, and pet hair
  • Equipped with an Edge-Sweeping Brush for detailed cleaning
  • Learns from your cleaning habits to offer personalized schedules
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa for voice-activated cleaning
  • Suggests extra cleaning sessions during high pollen counts or pet-shedding seasons
  • Batteries are included and use Lithium Ion cells
  • Compatible with various smart devices like smartwatches, Amazon Echo, Google Home, and tablets
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