Lydsto S1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • 【40-Day No Need Cleaning】robotic vacuum cleaner has 3L dust bag and automatic dust emptying/self-cleaning/auto dirt disposal function that allows you to forget about dust box emptying for up to 40 days.
  • 【3000Pa Ultra Cleaning 】this wet and dry robot vacuum cleaner and mop has 3 levels of mop wetness, 4 suction power levels, large suction power of 3000Pa that greatly improves cleaning efficiency and keeps all the dust at bay. The robotic vacuum will auto-detect and adjust the power for deeper cleaning quietly no matter whether on wooden, ceramic floors or carpets, do not let go of any grain of dust.
  • 【200 Min Overlong Runtime】robotic cleaner for home is equipped with a 5200mAh battery, the battery delivers up to 200mins of continuous cleaning to clean a big house in a single run. The robotic vacuum has a variety of intelligent cleaning modes to meet your daily cleaning needs. Can resume cleaning where they left off after the automated charge is finished in a low-battery situation.
  • 【LDS2.0 Radar Navigation】Auto vacuum cleaner robot has LDS radar navigation that scans your home in real-time and generates an accurate layout map of your rooms. Map edition supports selecting specific rooms to clean, zoning out kids’ play areas or carpet areas, circle a high-traffic or messed area to send the robot to clean. the robot is able to work out the most efficient and methodical path based on the current position and achieve the most effective cleaning.
  • 【Set Mop Humidity】robot vacuum cleaner with mop has smart water tank and 3 levels to adjust the amount of water used for mopping, you can adjust the amount of water used and the humidity of the mop according to the dirty level of the floor, wet mop to precisely control the water, do not worry about the water will soak the wooden floor, efficient and intelligent cleaning.
  • 12 months warranty: covers manufacturing defects of robot cleaner only, does not cover physical damages. Warranty does not apply to battery, charging station. replaceable items such as filters, mops, brushes, water and dust tanks.


Lydstp S1 Robot vacuum cleaner with Auto Empty station. Anti-Collision; Anti-Fall; Smart Map,, LDS2.0 Radar; Obstacle Avoidance; No-Go Zone; 3000PA; Dust Collection/Water Tank All-in-one; Mop and Vacuum, 3L Dust Collection Bag; Easy-Empty Dirt Container;Variable Suction Control; Non-Stop Suction;,

Edge Cleaning; Pet Hair Pick Up; Custom Cleaning, Extra Wide Cleaning Path; Ultrasonic Carpet Detection., Auto Charging;Auto Emptying; Auto-Docking;Auto Return to Record Location Cleaning; Included Components: Disposable mop*30; Mop stand*1, 3L Dust bag*6, Cleaning knife*1; Side brush*1, S1 Robot vacuum cleaner*1; S1 base station*1, ;Instruction book*1


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