Lydsto W2 Robot Vacuum

  • ROTATING PRESSURIZED MOPPING: Robot vacuum with mop have Double rotation and 12N pressure mop design, can rotate 3 times in a second, and has enough cleaning force for stubborn coffee stains, soy sauce stains, water stains
  • AUTO 50°C HOT WATER MOP CLEANING: After each area is mopped, wet and dry robot vacuum returns to the base station and uses 50°C/122℉ hot water to clean mop. It cleans each area with a clean mop unlike other regular robotic vacuum cleaners
  • AUTO DRYING MOP WITH HOT AIR 60°C : There is no need to remove the mops to dry. After the mops are cleaned with hot water, the base station will dry the mops with hot air to avoid odors and bacteria caused by damp mops
  • 5000PA STRONG QUIET SUCTION: New Nidec silent motor not only quiet, and has strong suction, can perfectly clean every kind of floor, has a carpet identification mode
  • 30 DAYS HAND FREE SELF EMPTY ROBOT: 3L large capacity dust collection bag will save you from having to change your dust bag for up to 1 month, without frequent dust pouring, dust flying
  • AUTO DIRTY WATER DISPOSAL AND REFILL: this fully automatic robot vacuum will auto empty and refill water tank with clean fresh water itself! You don’t need to refill water tank manually every day anymore. Just fill 4L clean water tank and relax
  • 12 months warranty: covers manufacturing defects of robot cleaner only, does not cover physical damages. Warranty does not apply to battery, charging station. replaceable items such as filters, mops, brushes, water and dust tanks.
  • SMART APP, SUPPORTS ALEXA, GOOGLE ASSIST: Virtual walls, No-Go/No-Mop zones, suction power adjustment, frequency of mopping pad rinsing


Lydsto W2 Self Cleaning Robot Vacuum cleaner and mop is truly fully automatic wet and dry robotic vacuum cleaner with Self cleaning features: Automatic Dust Empty/Dirt Disposal, Auto Dust bag Ozone Sterilisation, Automatic Mop cleaning with 50°C Hot water, 60°C Mop Hot Air drying, Auto Dirty water disposal and Water tank Refill, 180 rpm Rotating Pressurized Mopping. Powerful suction 5000pa, Battery 5200mAh, 3L Dust Bag – capacity up to 30 days, Clean water tank capacity 4L.

Anti-drop, Carpet Identification, LDS2.0 Super Sensing Lidar., Obstacle avoidance, Schedule cleanning, Mapping, Virtual walls, No-Go/No-Mop zones, suction power adjustment, frequency of mopping pad rinsing. Enjoy this real self cleaning, self emptying robot vacuum cleaner, fully automatic and minimum effort! In the box: The base station, Power cable , User manual, robot cleaner Lydsto w2, Maintenance brush, An extra Hepa filter, Two extra side spinning brushes, Two extra mopping pads.


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