Samsung Electronics Vr20T6001Mw/Aa Jet Mop

  • SIMPLICITY IN ACTION: Designed to make your life easier, the Samsung Jetbot Mop automatically navigates around your home while avoiding obstacles, providing a quick and efficient way to make mopping a part of your everyday clean
  • DUAL SPIN TECHNOLOGY: Effectively cleans all floor types including tile and hardwood, with the Jetbot Mop’s powerful Dual Spin technology; Two pads spinning at high rates of speed allow the unit to move, turn and clean simultaneously
  • AUTOMATIC WATER DISPENSER: Double solution tanks allow it to run for up to 50 minutes* without need to refill, dispersing just enough water or water based floor cleaning solution to keep pads thoroughly moisturized while minimizing drying time
  • SMART SYSTEM SENSOR: Safely and precisely clean corners while avoiding walls, carpeting, furniture or objects thanks to the Jetbot Mop’s smart sensors;* System even stops the unit from dropping off of steps or stairs for risk free operation**
  • SUPERIOR EDGE COVERAGE: Designed to clean along hard-to-reach areas, the Jetbot Mop’s spinning pads are intelligently positioned to extend from under the unit so it can thoroughly clean the edges of your home
  • LONG LASTING BATTERY LIFE: Save time by cleaning for longer periods in one go with the Jetbot Mop’s high-capacity battery with the capability to mop for up to 100 minutes; You can mop a large floor area, from corner to corner, without the need for additional charging***
  • MULTIPLE CLEANING MODES: Enjoy flexibility at your fingertips with 8 cleaning modes; Choose Focus Mode to concentrate on a particular area or let it move freely on Random Mode; Switch modes from anywhere in your house with the handy remote control
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Sit back, relax, and let the Samsung Jetbot Mop automatically clean your floors. The electronic, cordless mop is designed to clean all types of floors from tile, vinyl, laminate, and hardwood. The dual spinning pads are powerful enough to move, turn, and clean simultaneously, while the smart system sensor allows the mop to safely navigate your home.

The double water tanks and the long lasting-battery will let this robotic mop intelligently clean dust, dirt, and grime for up to 50 minutes before a water refill* and up to 100 minutes before a recharge.*** With 8 different cleaning modes (Hand Mode, Focus Mode, and Random Mode to name a few) and two types of machine washable pads, the Jetbot Mop does the hard work for you.

*Based on internal testing in an area with furniture arranged in a similar way to a real home setting. The two water tanks need to be refilled every 50 minutes. **Protective adhesive in packing must be removed prior to use for sensors to work properly. ***Because of this capacity, it may also allow you to mop multiple times on a single charge.


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