Sulfar BR151 Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • Includes Wi-fi Connectivity, Smart Gyroscope Navigation, App Control, Voice Control, Anti-drop, Auto-Return & Charging, Dual Multi-surface Brushes, 0.6L Easy-to-empty Dust Cup, Etc.
  • Deep Cleaning: 1400Pa strong suction and 3-stage cleaning system make it easier to clean different surfaces such as hardwood floors, carpet, tile floor.
  • Edge-Sweeping brushes take care of corners and edges. D2 robot vacuum is devoted to helping you clean all embedded dust, dirt, crumbs, and pet hair
  • APP & Voice Control: Smart Life App comes with advanced functions including controlling cleaning direction, scheduling, and choosing cleaning modes, etc.
  • Also, you can use Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands to control your Suzec robot vacuum cleaner. Remote control is also included in the package for your convenience
  • Smart Cleaning Mode: Suzec robot vacuum supports 4 cleaning modes including 1.Auto cleaning, 2.Spot cleaning, 3.Edge cleaning, 4.Manual cleaning.
  • Freely switch between different modes to meet all your cleaning needs. 600ML dust bin supports longer cleaning sessions. Washable HEPA filter helps to keep the air clean and fresh
  • Free-Move Technology: FreeMove Technology helps your robotic vacuum detect probable stuck areas and automatically adjust the cleaning path.
  • Anti-scratch tempered glass-top cover for protection, 360° smart sensor for evading obstacles, and anti-drop technology to avoid falls. Auto-return & self-charging means your robot will always be ready to clean



Non-stop Powerful Clean

Two large wheels are designed to move effortlessly from hard floor to carpet movement. Fast and efficient, the vacuum cleaner makes it easy to clean without interruption.


Safe and Efficient Cleaning

The BR150 Robot Vacuum is equipped with an infrared sensor, which is close to the furniture, instantly recognizes and slows down, easily identify furniture and obstacles, an optimal route will be planned for efficient and complete clean every time.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Perceive Steps, Intelligent Fall Prevention

The BR150 Robot Vacuum adopts high-precision infrared sensors, advanced drop-sensing technology to avoid falling down the stairs or edges.



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